CaCy Calc - Nutrition Calculator for Carb Cycling


About this site

Carb Cycling is a way to rotate your carb intake to maximize muscle gain and minimize fat gain while bulking and minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss when cutting. Breaking down a Carb Cycling approach can be daunting, so I made a simple calculator to help you with setting up a plan.

Same thing with Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 training system. A great program but it can get a little tedious to figure out the percentages. Here you just enter your 1 rep maxes and let this site figure out the rest.

Carb Cycling

You can choose between two basic plans. The first one is based on the articles Carb Cycling for Beginners based on a seminar by Shelby Starnes, a bodybuilder and coach for Troponin Nutrition. The second one is based on the article the Carb Cycling Codex by Christian Thibadeau. Both articles are highly recommended, as is pretty much everything else by both coaches.

These plans are good but basic starting points. If you are serious about your training or your looks and have the dough, you should seriously consider hiring either one of those guys to make you a personalized plan. It costs less than you probably think and is well worth every penny.